Harrison Ford approached for new Blade Runner movie

After Disney have earmarked him for the new Star Wars film Harrison’s also now being asked to do Blade Runner 2

Over thirty years on a new Blade Runner film is in the works with production company Alcon Entertainment publicly inviting Harrison Ford to revisit the iconic role of futuristic film noir protagonist Rick Deckard.

After securing rights for all prequels and sequels to Blade Runner in 2011, Alcon are making the new movie with direction from original director Ridley Scott and a screenplay co-written by Michael Green and Hampton Fancher, the latter of whom also worked on the script for the 1982 classic.

Alcon producers Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove have been ambitiously quoted as saying, “We believe that Hampton Fancher and Michael Green have crafted with Ridley Scott an extraordinary sequel to one of the greatest films of all time.” Adding, “We would be honored, and we are hopeful, that Harrison will be part of our project.”

Although Harrison Ford is now in his 70s he’s still artistically active, even after being wheeled in to help massacre the beloved Indiana Jones films, of which there is a fifth planned.

While there’s no official word from Ford’s representatives, given his current form we may well be seeing him making a comeback for the Blade Runner sequel.

This would mean a new film with strong players from the original, although it will be interesting which cut and interpretation of Blade Runner the sequel is going to start from.

What do you think of the news, should Harrison leave this one alone?


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