DayZ gets hacked, source code stolen

DayZ Artwork

Bohemia confirm game accounts are safe but we're likely to see more cheaters in-game

Screenshots of DayZ source code posted under the user DevDono have appeared on a cheating forum. The thread has since been deleted but a cache of the posts has made it onto Reddit.

Bohemia confirmed the DayZ server hack to Rely on Horror stating, “"the precise nature and scope of this attack is currently being extensively investigated." It appears the hack has revealed DayZ executable files and debugging tools which could lead to a spate of new cheats and exploits to a game which already has a fair few hacks.

Users of the popular MMO zombie survival game can rest assured their accounts are safe. Bohemia stated that user profiles were not accessible from the servers that were attacked. Developer schedules for the game have also been left untouched. 

Having sold 2 million copies on Steam early access DayZ is gathering momentum with extra devs brought in and talk early on both from the studio and the game’s creator Dean Hall mentioning console ports.

If you playing on DayZ what do you make of the news? Will an influx of new cheats ruin this game?

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