Xbox 360 Games with Gold announced for June – extra free game included

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Screen 1

Xbox Live Gold Members will receive Dark Souls and Charlie Murder, plus a third free game, in celebration of the program’s one-year anniversary.

Amongst the announcement of changes to Xbox going forward, next month’s free Games with Gold were revealed for Xbox 360 owners who subscribe to Xbox Live Gold. Those games are Dark Souls, Charlie Murder, and a third bonus game, Super Street Figher IV: Arcade Edition, to celebrate the Games with Gold program’s one-year anniversary.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dark Souls, you should check out Steve’s review of its sequel over here. The first game is extremely unrelenting and difficult, but that doesn’t stop you wanting to delve deeper and overcome the hardship you’ll face. Take a look at the trailer below.

Charlie Murder initially started life as an Xbox Live Indie game in 2010, that was then published a couple of years later on Xbox Live Arcade. The trailer for the game is below.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition brings extra characters and balance changes from the arcade version of the game. All the classic Street Fighter action is here, along with the characters, but this time it’s in 3D. The trailer is below.

Games with Gold usually kicks off each month with the first free game being available on the first of the month, and the second free game on the sixteenth. We imagine it'll be the same this time around, and perhaps the third free game will be available straight away.

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