Sunset Overdrive box art run-down

Sunset Overdrive 1

Insomniac Games Community Lead breaks down the process for Sunset Overdrive’s box art, an Xbox One exclusive due this Autumn.

Sometimes a game’s box art might not be the hot topic of discussion, it’s usually the initial screenshot teases, or the eventual trailer and gameplay that can receive most of the attention. But over on Insomniac Game’s blog, their Community Lead, James Stevenson, has revealed the thought process behind Sunset Overdrive’s eye-catching box art.

Working with the graphic design studio, ilovedust, based on the south coast of England, Insomniac felt they were a perfect fit for the game’s aesthetic. “When we met them, it was clear they didn’t just understand Sunset Overdrive, they truly got us and our mindset. It was a perfect match,” writes Stevenson, when talking of meeting ilovedust. The studio has done work for companys such as Nike, Virgin, and Coca-Cola.

Insomniac Games wanted to make sure that the box art portrayed all the variety within the game, without solely focussing on “just a game-style rendered character and weapon [today’s “standard” videogame cover],” wrote Stevenson. So, they decided the only way to do this was to focus on “a dense, detailed illustration,” which Stevenson warned may hurt the “minimalism loving folks.”

Sunset Overdrive Chemical Smile Logo

ilovedust created this tease image used at E3 in 2013


In the box art image below there are loads of references to actual in-game features, such as weapons, factions, and characters. Insomniac layed out a bunch of them over on the blog, and we’ve put them down for you below.

Sunset Overdrive Boxshot Front

  • Hero Character with Roman Candle gun. This was one of the tougher parts, as showing any sort of “hero” in a game where YOU are the hero and can play as male or female, various body types, and tons of customization options, means you probably won’t see this guy in your game much.
  • OD, Overcharge Drinkers. Multiple varieties of OD in the mutant OD horde.
  • Survivors. Other residents of Sunset City who didn’t drink Overcharge Delirium XT that you’ll meet during the game.
  • Scab. The human ne’er-do-wells who are taking the opportunity to loot and plunder Sunset City.
  • Effects. Fourth wall breaking effects from the Scab’s gun.
  • Fizzie. Fizzco’s corporate mascot insisted on being on the box cover! He’s impossible to resist, as you’ve seen on Twitter so far. Check out his robot blimp hovering menacingly in the clouds.
  • Game logo. ilovedust’s logo for the game, in bright Overcharge Orange.

Stevenson ended the post by writing, “We’re really excited about this box art. Working with ilovedust was a dream for us, and they helped deliver something that’s different than anything out there. It’s an insane illustration, and one we think you’ll grow to appreciate more as you get to know the world of Sunset Overdrive even better.”

After watching the teaser trailer for Sunset Overdrive from E3 2013 again, and the gameplay footage revealed a few days ago, the box art definitely fits in with the overall look and insanity the game is delivering so far. This Xbox One exclusive is definitely one to look out for this year, and it’s due for release in Autumn 2014.

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