Xbox One to be sold cheaper without Kinect

Xbox One No Kinect

Starting in June, the Xbox One console will be available on its own with a smaller $399/£350 price tag.

In an announcement from Xbox yesterday it was confirmed that Microsoft’s Xbox One console will be shipped without the Kinect accessory.

Beginning on 9 June you will be able to purchase the Xbox One minus the Kinect motion sensing camera. In the announcement over on Xbox’s website it’s stated that the new price for the Kinect-less console will be $399. In the UK the console will be priced at £350, the same as Sony’s Playstation 4.

You will still be able to purchase an Xbox One bundled with Kinect, but Kinect will be available to purchase on its own in Autumn this year.

You can watch the announcement video below.

With Xbox One sales behind Playstation 4’s, could the new Kinect-less bundle help shift more of Microsoft’s flagship gaming product?

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