Google Glass goes on general sale in the US

Google Glass

Today Google has put Google Glass on sale to anyone within the United States of America.

The tech giant is offering users the chance to buy the 'explorer edition' of the Google Glass for a price of $1500.

The Google Glass is still in beta testing, but it's believed that Google wants to get more people trying out their new hardware and also to clear stock ahead of the launch of the consumer version.

Google said in a blog post that it has "decided to move to a more open beta," and said anyone in the United States could buy the smart glasses as long as stock lasted in America.

The firm did put the product on sale for 24 hours in April but those plans leaked online and the Glass ended up selling out in a matter of hours.

The Glass was originally released only to developers last February who had to pay $1500 to have the privilege of testing the device, and then delivering feedback on the design and the device's functionality.

The final consumer version of the Glass is understood to be going on sale later on this year. 

The Glass works with a small electronic screen that is mounted onto the side of a pair of eyeglass frames. The device can then record video, access email, provide turn-by-turn driving directions and connect to the user's Android powered smartphone.