Is the new Heists DLC coming to GTA Online next month?

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High Life landed today without the Heists DLC that’s so far been promised for a Spring release but could it be coming along in the next few weeks?

GTA tipsters are holding Rockstar to their word for the much anticipated Heists DLC conspicuous by it’s absence in the latest High Life update. The official word from Rockstar still mentions a Spring release and as yet they haven’t taken to the webpage to change this information.

Whilst the Rockstar announcement posted in April includes the Heist content to be part of the DLC rolling out, ‘“In the months to come” by not appearing in the latest update it’s got some GTA fans riled.

Some mention has arisen of the Heists DLC to be released on May 27th, this would clash with the release of Watch Dogs throwing a potential spanner in the works for the launch of Ubisoft’s next big AAA title.

Look at the pattern of GTA updates and they uniformly come once a month. With high-Life coming in May this would seem to rule out the possibility that more DLC will come in the same month.

As GTA aficionados are pointing out, technically Spring runs up to June 20th. Rockstar also always release new content on a Tuesday which would make the next possible release on either the 3rd or 10th June if we are to take Rockstar on their word.

GTA Youtuber DomisLive goes into more detail in his video below.

What do you make of all this? Do you think Rockstar will deliver on their promise to get Heists DLC out this Spring? Jump in below with your thoughts.

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