iOS 8 could bring split-screen multitasking to the iPad

9to5Mac are reporting that Apple may announce the new multitasking feature during their WWDC next month.

Mark Gurman, who is known for being very well connected when it comes to Apple news, published the story on 9to5Mac earlier today.

The new feature will allegedly allow the user to have two applications open on the screen at the same time, with both apps still being fully functional.

As of now iPad users have only ever been able to run a single app at a time on the iPad's full screen, and to switch between applications they have to use the four-finger swipe or home button.

With this new multitasking idea you could possibly have iMessage open on the left hand side with the Twitter application open beside it. So you can keep refreshing your Twitter feed whilst iMessaging a friend.

9to5Mac also reports that applications that are open in the split screen will be able to interact with one another, so it's possible that you could be able to highlight some content from a website and drag it over into a Notes or Pages document.

The feature would only work when the iPad is in landscape mode so that both applications can take full advantage of the iPad's 9.7-inch display.

Apple’s close competitors in the tablet industry Samsung and Microsoft already deploy such a feature on their own tablet devices.

They have repeatedly bashed the iPad for not having 'real multitasking' and Microsoft even released an advert showing how their Surface tablet is supposedly better than the iPad when it comes to multitasking.

Apple is expected to announce all these new features along with iOS 8 at their World Wide Developer Conference that kicks off on June 2nd.