Apple rumours gain pace ahead of WWDC

WWDC 2014 Logo

According to Japanese blogging site Mac Otakara Apple is introducing HD audio playback, new In-Ear Headphones and a new Lightening cable at WWDC 2014.

The report on the Mac Otakara claims that when users install iOS 8 on its Apple devices they will be able to listen to high-quality audio files.

iOS 7 enabled devices are currently limited to only 16-bit audio files whereas HD audio playback runs at 24-bit, so users should certainly have a much better experience with crisper and more in-depth audio quality.

The article also claims that to support HD audio Apple will be releasing an update to its Lightening cable that they released alongside the iPhone 5.

It isn't made clear when such a cable would be released but considering iOS 8 won't be available to the public until at least September, you'd expect it the launch with the next generation iPhone.

An updated version of the In-Ear Headphones is also apparently on the cards. The premium headphones haven't been updated by the Californian company since 2008, so a refresh would be very welcome by the Apple community.

With the acquisition of Beats Electronics just a few days away from confirmation perhaps Apple is already looking to integrate some of the headphone maker's technology into their new In-Ear Headphones.

Apple currently sells the 2008 In-Ear version for £65 across its UK and online stores, which is extraordinarily expensive considering there is no discernible difference in sound or build quality over the Apple EarPods that were launched in 2012.

More and more of these rumours will crop up ahead of Apple's World Wide Developer Conference on June 2nd, whether they end up true or not we will have to wait and see.