Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive first gameplay trailer

Sunset Overdrive 1

Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac Games reveals the first gameplay footage, and it looks incredible.

When Insomniac announced their new game, Sunset Overdrive, at E3 last year it blew everyone away, but that was only a CG trailer for the title. It looked fresh, vibrant and exciting – and just a couple of days ago we were treated to our first real look at the actual game in action.

In the video below you’ll hear ‘an omnipotent voice’ from Insomniac describing the game’s story set in Sunset City in the year 2027, where the FizzCo corporation has launched its new Overcharge Delirum XT energy drink. Shortly afterwards mutants begin to spring up all over the city, and it’s your job to sort the mess out.

The game focusses on high-energy traversal and locomotive-combat, where the more you use the environment to your advantage, the more chance you’ll get to use your power-ups, named ‘amps’. Your amps could be as simple as an air-dash, or you could even opt for the chance to cause a nuclear explosion. There are over fifty amps to choose from in the game.

A big stand-out factor is the game’s weapons; the TNTeddy, a launcher-type weapon that fires teddy bears strapped to dynamite; a rifle-style weapon that appears to fire vinyl records; and a rather cumbersome looking cannon with bowling balls loaded inside.

You can take a look at super-colourful gameplay video below to learn more about the factions and enemies, and also drool at the fresh-looking world. Head on over to the website to pre-order the game too.

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