Video: Birdly project simulates flying like a bird with Oculus Rift

OculusRift 2

Check out the Birdly machine that uses Oculus Rift to let you fly like never before.

The Birdly project has been in development at the Institute for Design Research at the Zurich University of the Arts and uses an Oculus Rift VR headset combined with a specially designed body suit to simulate the experience of flying like a bird.

Suspended on a platform you lay on top of the Birdly suit and place your arms in paddles attached to sensory motors that measure ‘flapping’ movements from your arms and hands. Steering yourself in this way you are guided through environments visually with the aid of the Oculus.

The Birdly machine also uses a fan placed in front of the user’s head to simulate flight speeds with varying headwinds. The fan is also used to pump out smells that correspond to the environments you are flying through.

Birdly has been put together for the Birdlife Organisation Zurich’s anniversary exhibition with demos being considered in San Francisco and Vancouver.


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