The Canyons [REVIEW]

Lindsay Lohan And James Deen

Lindsay Lohan is, believe it or not, the one bright spot in the new film The Canyons, a film that is otherwise poorly acted, poorly told, and is just a plan bad film about a bunch of young adults surviving and trying to live the Hollywood dream.

bout a bunch of young adults surviving and trying to live the Hollywood dream.

Lohan plays Tara, a young woman who gets by in Hollywood on her good looks and her ability (and luck) to sleep with very good looking guys. She lives with Christian (adult film star James Deen), a sexy but cocky young man who has everything he wants, including a home in the Hollywood Hills and his own film studio, thanks to his very rich grandparents. Tara and Christian amuse themselves by inviting young men into their homes and having threesomes, and at other times, inviting other couples into their bedroom.

Tara and Christian's relationship is complicated because Tara's ex-boyfriend Ryan (Nolan Gerard Funk) still loves her, three years after they broke up. Ryan lives with his current girlfriend Gina (Amanda Brooks), who happens to work at the film studio Christian owns. Ryan is a struggling actor, making ends meet by bartending and doing odd jobs, then lands a role in a new movie being produced by Christian's studio. Meanwhile, Tara and Ryan have started sleeping together again, and when Christian finds out, he takes revenge.

The plot, and the characters, get sillier as the film goes on, even more so when Christian resorts to murdering an innocent yoga teacher who has ties to both Tara and Ryan.

The Canyons could've been a contender. It's directed by Paul Schrader, who gave us American Gigolo, and it's written by Bret Easton Ellis, who wrote the book, American Psycho. Ellis also wrote the book, Less Than Zero, which was made into a film about Hollywood kids involved in the drug culture in 1990s. Less Than Zero starred lots of up and coming actors, including Robert Downey, Jr and Andrew McCarthy.

The Canyons cast is less than stellar. While Lohan is the 'big name' in the movie, and she does pull off her role, suffering and sexy at the same time, the cast that can't act to save their lives. And as mentioned before, the plot deteriorates from worse to worse. Director Gus Van Sant makes an appearance as Christian's therapist, but not even he can save this film.

Schrader should know better than to make a movie this bad; he's been a Hollywood writer and director for decades, and wrote/co-wrote the classic films Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. So it's a wonder what made him do this film. (Although actually, he hasn't directed a good film since 1980's American Gigolo).

As for The Canyons, the only redeeming features are Lohan's performance, and seeing James Deen naked.