R-Type Dimensions coming to PS3 on May 21st

R-Type Dimensions

The remastered R-type collection finally comes to PlayStation some five years after Xbox 360 gamers got it on Xbox Live.

R-Type Dimensions is coming to PSN for PlayStation 3 on May 21st . An HD compilation, Dimensions has revamped the R-Type and R-Type 2 games and given the classic side-scrolling shooters a wealth of new features..

For the full nostalgia trip you can switch between the shiny new 3D visuals and the original 2D sprites. Level Select has been added if you want to practice at single zones along with an Infinite Mode option. There’s also a slow motion speed option

In addition to all this there’ll be worldwide leaderboards to post your scores, a trophy set and a two player co-op mode, an add-on from the original single player games.

Dimensions has been out on Xbox Live Arcade for over five years so PS3 gamers are getting this one late. Check out the trailer below.

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