Dota 2 International 2014 Compendium - prize pool at $3.4 million USD

Dota 2 International 2014 Compendium

The interactive compendium for Valve’s popular MOBA, Dota 2, is now available for players to purchase in the run up to this year’s International tournament.

The International 2014 tournament is only a couple of months away, and this year’s interactive Compendium is now on sale for players to get their hands on.

This little digital book comes packed with information surrounding the tournament, including the low-down on the players, teams, and also each of the matches. People who purchase the compendium will be rewarded by completing different tasks, which in turn will level up their compendium. Tasks include simply picking your favourite player and team, and spectating matches, moving all the way up to tournament predictions and even a ’10 Hero Challenge’ where you must play and win as 10 randomly selected heroes.

As your Compendium levels up you will be rewarded with new in-game items, loading screens, battle point boosters and even a new International courier with alternate styles which unlock once you reach level 24 and 41.

As the prize pool for the tournament increases with each compendium purchase, its progress is monitored via stretch goals which you can view here. The prize pool total is currently at $3.4 million USD and some of the unlocked stretch goals include a new All Random Deathmatch game mode for every Dota 2 player, Immortal items, and new loading screens.

The stretch goals go all the way up to a massive £6 million USD which unlocks the ability for Compendium owners to customise a building within their base. With the prize pool currently at over half of the $6 million USD, with no sign of slowing down, we could be seeing one of the most incredible prize pools in eSports to date.


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