Rockstar guide to the GTA Online Capture Job Creator

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Rockstar has advice for you, noob or otherwise, when creating Capture Jobs in GTA Online, in addition to the new ability to place actors in your creations.

Last month Rockstar updated GTA Online with the Capture Creator, a tool that allows players to create their own Capture Jobs, similar to the player-created Deathmatches and Races before it. A few days ago Rockstar’s news blog was updated with an essential guide to using this new tool to its fullest.

The Capture Creator let’s players completely define their own jobs to be played by other players in GTA Online. You can specify your job’s name, write a description for it, and even attach a photo for other players to see when they are checking out your Capture Job in-game or on the Social Club. For the job itself you must outline the team start points, which is where each of the players will begin the job, as well as placing where the capture points for each team will be. Once you’ve placed the capture objects (packages or vehicles, depending on the job type) it’s time to test out your creation to make sure it works how you want it.

A new addition to the Creator is the ability to place Actors – these are AI-controlled characters which you are able to define in terms of placement and behaviours. Want a bunch of Gang Members to roll up in a car? You can do that. Want an Actor with high accuracy to carry a heavy sniper rifle? They’ll be ‘an absolute killing machine,’ according to Rockstar.

The tips that Rockstar have posted are concise enough to get you started on creating fun jobs for you, your friends, and other random players to have a crack at, whether you’re new to the creator or not. It covers all capture mode types; Contend; GTA; Hold; and Raid. There’s also an in-depth 21 page PDF guide to the capture creator over on their website.

Unfamiliar with GTA Online? Have a look at the official trailer below.

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