Taking Dad Off the High Street

Cartoon DAD

For this one, we're leaving the creativity to the artisans.

And, admittedly, also to Not on the High Street's PR team, which reminded us that Father's Day is coming, and there are lots of cool things you could be getting him (instead of cool striped socks from Selfridges AGAIN).

So we're going to take a few of their suggestions, and add a few of our own.

If Your Dad's a Cook

How about a personalised cutting board, inscribed with wise words [Look left and right, and then left and right again], his favourite proverb [Lazy people get busy in the evening], or a family joke [Whoa, Nelson! (Nelson Rockefeller)]?

Or if you're buying for your husband, who also happens to be a dad, and happens to be a cook, who could resist matching Daddy and Me aprons?

If Your Dad's a Traveller

Maybe he's logged hundreds of thousands of miles. But does he have a travel cufflink box? We're guessing not (and now we're ordering one).

If your dad's a traveller who also likes nature, these leaves made of old maps are beautiful. 

Map Leaves


If Your Dad's a Reader

There's no question: his study is getting a bit serious. But remember hearing how he wished he kept his old comics? Bring back a few of them AND liven things up with these bespoke wooden comic letters.

Cartoon DAD


And if those didn't cover it...

If your dad appreciates decanters of whisky, these personalised decanter tags might be perfect. ('For drinking with my son.' 'For emergency purposes only.' 'The best stuff in the house.')

And lastly, if your dad likes his tool shed, these inexpensive and clever stickers will help everyone remember exactly where they go. 

If your dad is into cars, these guys will make a print of illustrations of the vehicles he's loved.