US cable giant Comcast to team up with EA to stream games

FIFA 14 Xbox 360 Jostle

It’s reported the two companies are working together to bring a home games streaming service but will there be enough bandwidth to stream In HD?

Reuters have reported that Comcast and EA will be working together to port EA games to Comcast X1 cable box. Subscribers would be able to stream EA titles directly to their X1s without the need to buy games, additional hardware or subscription upgrades.

The joint venture could give Comcast a competitor for Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, and with EA hits the likes of Madden, FIFA, Need for Speed and Battlefield available the service could have some big draw titles.

There’s no mention yet as to possible bandwidth issues that may arise from streaming EA games which are typically very large, graphically demanding titles in HD. Comcast have recently sought to improve their streaming power by signing an “interconnection agreement” with Netflix however.

Concerns for bandwidth aside the big console makers with services like PlayStation Now are showing a keenness to get streaming functionality going with their machines, showing evidence that streaming games is gaining enough popularity to cause a stir.

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