Tesco set to launch Hudl branded smartphone

Tesco Hudl

The retailer is said to be releasing a rival to Samsung's flagship smartphone the Galaxy S5 by the year's end.

Tesco's chief executive Phillip Clarke told BBC Radio 5 Live that the smartphone would run on the Android operating system with Tesco's own software preinstalled.

He also claimed the smartphone would have a similar specification to the Samsung Galaxy S5 which sports a super AMOLED touchscreen with a pixel density of 432ppi, a 2.5GHz quad-core processor and 16 megapixel rear camera.

The Hudl smartphone which is said to be released sometime later this year is understood to priced significantly cheaper than the S5 despite having similar specifications to one of the most powerful smartphones currently on the market.

The retailer has also confirmed that it is to release the second generation of its very popular tablet, the Hudl. The first generation model was released last year and sold more than 500,000 units at a price of £119.

Unlike the Hudl smartphone that looks set to compete with the market's big boys, the next-gen Hudl tablet will only be competing at the bottom end of the tablet market against the likes of the Kindle Fire, the Nexus 7 and the Samsung Tab 3.

It's difficult to see how any smartphone that Tesco release will be able to compete with Samsung, Apple or HTC. Those handset makers have all been around for years and have claimed a significant portion of the smartphone market.

Any smartphone associated with Tesco will always struggle against the big players because in my view it will always be considered the cheap alternative, and this isn't always what the consumer wants.

Reliability, usability and functionality are sometimes more sought after than a cheaper handset, if Tesco gets this right then fair play to them but in the short term it's difficult to see them stealing any market share from the guys it plans to compete with.