Harmonix take to Kickstarter to fund PS3/PS4 Amplitude revamp


Harmonix want to bring the successor to Amplitude the classic PS2 rhythm game to the latest generation.

While work continues on the Xbox exclusive rhythm game Fantasia developers Harmonix are looking to even the balance by bringing a successor to their cult PlayStation 2 game Amplitude to the PS3 and PS4.

Setting up a campaign on Kickstarter Harmonix are looking for $775,000 (around £450,000) before May 23rd with the current plan, “to make a faithful Amplitude HD”.

Speaking on their crowdfunding designs. Harmonix note, “This project is intended to be a love letter to old-school PS2 fans, but we need to know that this is something you actually want. This is the project WE desperately want to make, but we can’t do it without your interest and support. Help us prove that there is a place for challenging, high-polished rhythm-action games in the modern age!”

Along with the Harmonix game Frequency, Amplitude paved the way for the next generation of rhythm games the likes of Rock Bank. Amplitude had you pressing buttons in time to music before instrument peripherals, mics and motion control devices came along.

Defining the original Amplitude game was a blend of cool electronica, cyberworld backgrounds and some gameplay that got fiendishly hard. Harmonix are promising all the original components will be brought back for Amplitude, mentioning of the gameplay, “At its higher difficulty levels, Amplitude was hard as hell. We’re talking “Dark Souls” hard, but with music. We know that fans of the original will be expecting that same level of challenge in this new version, and we won’t disappoint. The game will still feature its hallmark difficulty as you progress.”

The Beat Blaster ship you fly around to picking up notes will also be making a comeback.

Below is the Kickstarter video check it out and visit the Kickstarter page if you’d like to pledge. Amplitude was originally out in 2003 on the PS2, is this a game you’d like to see resurrected, or would you rather Harmonix get to work on their next Rock Band title?

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