Bound by Flame launch trailer - get ready for the heat of the action

Bound By Flame Cover

Check out Spiders' ambitious RPG Bound by Flame coming to PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360 on May 9th.

Bound by Flame is nearly with us, it’s a game from a small studio getting a lot of attention from RPG fans and this week we’ll be getting to pick it up. This is a game of player-led evolving storylines and RPG leveling with a twist.

Your toon will be living a life of duality sharing their soul with a fire demon and facing the choice of whether to let the demonic side take over in exchange for some all-powerful fire magic, or to maintain their humanity and take a more honourable path. On a mission to save the land of Vertiel from and army of undead. you face an internal struggle with your possessing demon and several Companion NPCs interact with you based on choices you make creating subplots of friendship, rivalry and even romance.

Bound by Flames writes some humanist themes into the high fantasy setting that look to be giving something tangible and more modernist in approach. This isn’t one of those done to death generic RPG sagas, it’s promising a lot more grit, depth and spice to the role-play that could having you coming back for several playthroughs.

Can you resist the urge to sell you soul for destructive powers? Soon you’ll get to find out. Check out the trailer below for some snippets of the story accompanied by music from Assassin’s Creed composer Olivier Derivière.

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