GTA Online: New High Life DLC update

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New Cars, New Weapon, New Threads, New Apartments and Multiple Properties - coming this spring, potentially even this month.

Recently the 'High Life' DLC update and its contents have been a matter of speculation, including rumours of multiple properties and the introduction of heists. Rockstar, however, have clarified some of the contents of the update and there's some pretty awesome new content coming to Grand Theft Auto Online...

First of all, the update will not only include the ability to own multiple properties, but there are also many new high-end apartment options to chose from: "These are brand new apartments, so we are talking about new interior as well. I don't want to spoil everything for you, though, so stay tuned for the update!". All of these properties will contain garages - perhaps an upgrade to a higher-end apartment will give bigger garages, so there's certainly potential to store a lot of vehicles. "The High Life Update will also feature the debut of multi-property ownership in GTA Online, which means you’ll be able to own two distinct properties (with garages) simultaneously." 

Four new vehicles have been added: one motorcycle, the 'Dinka Thrust' and three cars, including a new super-car, the 'Pegassi Zentorno, (the red car in the picture below). The other two cars are believed to be the Enus Huntley (Back), and the Dewbauchee Massacro (Left)

GTA Online High Life Update

You will also have the opportunity to choose which garage to store your car in - you can drive from one garage to another, and you will be able to rearrange your vehicles in this process. 

In addition to this, lots of new jobs will be added, the mental state statistic: a reflection of your online behavior, a new weapon, the bullpup rifle will be available in Ammu-Nation, and some new clothes for your wardrobe. Pay attention to Los Santos customs - 'dangerous business' caught us by surprise with some juicy new classical horn sounds, so we could be seeing a few more in this update. That, however, is just speculation, but Rockstar do like to throw in a few surprises to treat us!

Will this upcoming update include heists ? It's a possibility, since Rockstar have confirmed that they will be ready and available this spring. Heists have been a promised feature since the start of GTA Online, and we have had to wait a long time. 

When will this update launch ? It is believed to be part of Update 1.13, which will go live this month - so stay tuned. In fact, for all we know, it could launch this Tuesday, or the next. There seems to be a connection between GTA Online updates and Tuesdays...

(Bullpup Rifle)
Bullpup Rifle (GTA Online)

Apartment customization data also appears to have been 'leaked', which reveals certain features such as adding / removing items in your safe house, and changing colours. Rockstar hinted that there would be some surprises with the next update, so this option be included. Rockstar, however, haven't commented on the 'leak'.

These high-end apartments and new vehicles are not going to be cheap though. But over the past few updates, the high priced content seems to be persuading the players to use the micro-transactions - and the additional content is worth it.

Do you think heists will be included in this update? Have you got enough cash to become a high-roller? Apartment Customization, do you think this will be part of the high life update? Whatever are you thinking, we are interested, so let us know!



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