New Apple headphones could track our heart rate and blood pressure

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Apple's first venture into the wearables market will be health monitoring headphones according to a post on anonymous app Secret.

The anonymous poster claims that these new headphones will be released with Apple's next generation iPhone, which is expected to be called the iPhone 6.

Apparently they will be able to measure the user's blood pressure and heart rate, as well as containing a containing a mini-tracking device that Apple calls an iBeacon, so if they're lost the user will be able to find them again.

The anonymous poster also claimed the headphones would be able to alert your doctor if you have an abnormally high heart rate or blood pressure reading.

He said: "The phone stores the data in a similar way to thumbprint point data, fully encrypted and nothing identifiable.

"But nice to send to your doctor to keep track of at which point your blood pressure started rising for example."

These latest rumours were leaked by a poster claiming he used to be an Apple engineer but has recently been fired from the Californian company. The poster said: "I have being manipulated… I'm not the only person who got sent home for good last week."

Yesterday MacRumors, a reliable Apple news website, revealed that Apple did intact file patents in 2007 that support this rumour.

This leak is also in line with what Apple is expected to announce in next month's World Wide Developer Conference.

Recent rumours claim that Apple is releasing a new application called Healthbook. According to 9to5Mac's editor Mark Gurman the new app will be able to track things like food intake, blood sugar level and sleep etc.

It's not known how reliable this headphone leak is from Secret, but it has had an increase in credibility in recent weeks as one poster revealed that the Nike FuelBand division would close before it was announced to the public.

Another poster also claimed that Google+ chief Vic Gundotra was looking to leave the company and then two days later he left.