Feast your eyes on the next Call of Duty game featuring Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey In COD: Advanced Warfare

The next Call of Duty game will have Kevin Spacey and some very shiny graphics.

Enter Hollywood A-lister Kevin Spacey in this year's Call of Duty game entitled Advanced Warfare. A reveal trailer has emerged showing footage from the Xbox One brandishing the slogan, “Power is Everything."

Rumours are that Advanced Warfare will have you serving for a private military company headed by Spacey who has turned against the US government.

There’s a trove of futuristic war toys displayed in the trailer: Cloaking aircraft, exosuits, hoverbikes and Ghost-Protocol style tech-gloves for scaling sheer surfaces. Back in 2010 Activision registered several titles for the Call of Duty series including Future Warfare, Secret Warfare and Space Warfare so with Advance Warfare we may be seeing the beginning of the COD games going space age.

Check out the amazing cinematics and game action in the trailer below. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is due on November 4th 2014.

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