Snapchat update hits back at Facebook Messenger


Instant photo and video sharing service Snapchat has just released a new update that introduces video calls and instant messaging.

Just a few days after Facebook released the latest update to its messenger application that featured instant photo sharing, rival Snapchat has released a new update of its own.

The new update introduces two new features that could seriously change the nature of the application. The first new feature is instant messaging; users are now able to send private messages to each other just like in Facebook Messenger, however unlike its rival the messages will not be stored on the users device. 

Snapchatters can talk to their friend friends by sliding their finger right over the recipient's name. When the user comes out of the chat screen, all messages and picture that have been shared are then deleted. This is unless the users has chosen to manually store the shared content to their phone.

The second new feature is a FaceTime-like video calling service. When both users are engaged in a conversation the application will offer them the opportunity to share a live video feed of one another, so that both users can chat face-to-face.

This new update hasn't yet hit the Play or App store just yet, Snapchat said in a blogpost it should arrive later today. Obviously to start using the new messaging and video features your Snapchat friends will need to update their version of the application too.