Routine: Survival/Horror PC Exclusive potentially coming to PS4


Routine is an instant death, somewhat open world survival horror set on a moonbase, it is exclusive to PC and Mac for now but likely coming to PS4.

Routine is an exploration focused first person, survival horror game set in an 80s sci-fi inspired moon base. In routine, you will find yourself exploring this large abandoned facility in order to investigate the disappearance of an entire team stationed at the lunar research facility through recovering data.

This is not going to be easy, because you are not alone in the ship, and little do you know that there are multiple threats lurking aboard. Malfunctioning artificial life which is one of the threats revealed in the trailer is the least of your concerns because you are simultaneously being hunted by something far worse. There is no way to fight and absolutely nowhere to hide.

Running is your only option and a threat could be lurking around any corner, even when you think you are safe. The game has a permanent death system so you get caught, there are no second chances, no pushing the enemy out of the way or punching it in the face for a quick escape, once you are caught, you suffer the same fate as the people aboard the facility. You will however be equipped with what appears to be some sort of stun gun and thermal imaging device, so if you walk into a life or death situation, you will be able to briefly make sure that you do not get caught in the process and ever so slightly increase your chances of escaping. Frequently watching your back could be life saving. The reveal trailer reveals what could potentially be a non-linear plot, there is no saving, health packs or any assistance though, death means you will have to restart completely. 

Although the developers are primarily PC focused, they have strong support for Sony community and would like to support this platform. "We are first and foremost PC developers so anything else will have to come after that... We honestly wouldn't even be thinking about doing a console port if it wasn't for how awesome Sony have been with developers. They have been extremely open and helpful in any way they can be and we would like to support their console." So if you are on PS4, you can thank Sony for their pro-active indie support. If you are on the Xbox One, Microsoft's anti-indie agenda means that unfortunately this game will not be coming your platform. 

Below you will find 2 trailers.

Reveal Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

The game was announced back in 2012 and was expected to be released last year. Now that we are in Q2 of 2014, it is likely that we will be seeing this game soon. Let us know what you are thinking. Are you going to get this game?

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