Routine: Interesting screenshots


Routine is an exploration based survival horror set in an abandoned lunar research facility. It is exclusive to PC, but could potentially come to PS4.

After a research facility on the moon falls silent and the team stationed there disappears, the player is sent to the moon base to investigate and recover any data that may explain what was taking place there and how and why the  staff went missing. Upon entrance however, you will quickly discover that the facility is not abandoned and in addition to rogue artificial life, something more deadly lurks in the depths of the facility, silently hunting the player.

The game is open to explore within the confinements of the facility and you will be able to start searching anywhere. Exploration is a major theme and you will usually be forced into it when you walk into a nasty situation. You have the freedom to go where you please, but already very vulnerable, the further you plunge into the depths of the facility to find answers, the more dangerous it becomes. You will know when something is near because the sounds will indicate a threat, it is imperative that you pay close attention to sound, but you will know when you need to get the hell out of the area. You have no other choice but to run since there is nowhere to hide and you cannot fight off the threats, well, you can try but its highly unlikely that you will be able to kill your opponents, infact the game is instant death so you need to be aware at all times and get as far away from a threat as possible.

Below are some screenshots

That may be a way out of the facility, but you are still stuck on the moon.


Is it safe to go into these tunnels?

Routine Shots

I wonder what's down here...

Routine Shots 03

The Meeting Room, perhaps there are some clues in here...

Routine Shots 04

Is he still alive? Is this the player?


Well at least we have a weapon...

The game is expected to be released this year, exclusive to PC. It will be available on Steam and will potentially come to PS4 in the future. Will you be playing it when it launches?