The Forest: Survival Horror Exclusive to PC

The Forest

The Forest is a new PC exclusive. It is a survival game set on an island full of forestry. You are not alone however. It is developed by Endnight Games

After a plane crash, the player being on board. You will find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere, on an island engulfed in forest. You will need to do anything you can in order to survive. There is just one problem however. You are not alone on this seemingly remote island. It is also the home of a stranded, cannibalistic tribe.

Diplomacy isn't an option here, they do not speak your language, some of them don't even look human. There are cannibals which appear to have extra mutated limbs attached to their heads. But just like yourself, these cannibals are fighting for survival and you have to ask are the cannibals your enemy, or are you the threat to the cannibalistic tribe? They will often try to protect each other from harm when fighting you and are still human They are scared of you as much as you are scared of them and will react with despair when their fellow tribesmen are killed often attempting to drag bodies away and save their injured allies.

Like vampires, the cannibal tribe is nocturnal so you will be safe during the daylight hours. It is during the night when you are most vulnerable that these cannibals will attempt to kill you. So it is absolutely imperative that you build shelter and traps and you will have tools to do this. There is also a very deep crafting system. The dead inhabitants of the plane will likely be on the menu for the cannibals but any other survivors are also be at risk. The game does not feature a story, but will feature an optional conclusion.

Multiplayer is being considered, although this experience is primarily Singleplayer. The developers have said that a co-operative mode could "add to the sense of randomness in the game" however, the developers do not wish to recreate a multiplayer experience like that of Rust and Day Z. The game is open world and the island is completely explorable and is very expansive. Some areas you will need special equipment or skills to access. There is lots of wildlife which interacts with the environment realistically, you can probably swim, but you probably would't want to risk taking a swim in the waters surrounding the island. The visuals are absolutely phenomenal, but do not let your guard down. This game is a horror and the scenery can often be as gruesome as it is beautiful.

We don't know much about this game just yet, it's in a very early stage of development. However, an early access program will launch on May 22nd giving people access to the Alpha version of the game through steam... Below are 3 trailers:

Disclaimer: The trailers may look nice and pretty at first, but when the cannibals wake up, they get more gruesome...

Trailer 1 Trailer 2 Trailer 3

The game looks phenomenal, its got a perfect setting, atmosphere and gameplay which really defines the next generation of videogames. It could potentially be one of the creepiest survival games you will ever play. Be sure to let us know what you think.

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