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Star Citizen is a space combat and trading simulator exclusive to PC. It runs on a modifies version of CryEngine 3 and is expected to launch this year, but could be delayed due to its size.

Star citizen is very big, open world, or should i say open galaxy since there are multiple planets and the frontier of space itself is available for exploration. It is generally played in the first person perspective and the game will feature 2 main components. Squadron 42 is a single-player, or co-operative campaign which branches off of Star Citizen. Star Citizen itself is the main component. 

Star Citizen itself is the online contingent of the game; the main attraction. 
It is held together by warfare and economic prosperity and trade. The economy itself is very dynamic and is heavily influenced by player behavior. The economy itself also influences player behavior so both work in unity to maintain balance.

The central theme of the game is Citizenship and what citizenship is and means. It is mainly achieved through honor in military combat (Squadron 42) or trade, and becoming a citizen will give you advantages such as reduced tax and easier access to inter-species trade.There's no exact details yet. The UEE is colla

The game is a giant sandbox in space and encourages deep exploration so the open world is going to be huge. You have your own starship and hanger though. You will also be part of the UEE which is the United Empire of Earth, or you can decide to be a deviant nut-case and go on a starship rampage until someone vaporizes your ship. Its up to you. But you don't have to stick as a UEE citizen, you could easily join an organisation of pirates and you can always lose your citizenship.

Squadron 42 is always ready and recruiting if you have no interest in trade, you can complete your military tour of honor, you will only be able to do S42 once however, you can then port into the online component of the game.

It is however a PC exclusive with no intention of going next gen at the moment, such a large vision for such a limited proportion of players one might ask and since the game is strongly recommended on the high end PC builds which can support 4k and Ultra High Definition; you will be able to play if your PC supports the game but you won't be playing it at its full potential. The lack of accessibility of the game means that it suffers from a smaller community than it could potentially have, especially since the game is a massive multiplayer online and relies on the people themselves to define the online experience.

The developers are aware and the lead developer Chris Roberts has definitely considered PS4 and Xbox One ports providing that Sony and Microsoft allow the developers complete control of the game without restrictions, Xbox is highly unlikely due to Microsoft's anti-indie regime.

Chris said."IF the platform holders (Sony & Microsoft) allow us to update the code and data without restrictions and odious time consuming QC procedures, IF they allow our community to openly interact with each other across platforms then I would CONSIDER supporting them." Its a possibility. 

The experience isn't going to be lacking though, its not going to be jeopardized either, infact it looks like one of the best space games we have seen. The game has raised a crowd funding of over 43 million and increasing, so its certainly anticipated, but will it successfully rival multiformat competitors in terms of popularity, will this MMO be accessible to all on the PC platform with the emphasis on exceeding the boundaries on even the high-end titans? Lets wait and see.

Below you will find a few trailers...

Star Citizen: Fight or Flight Trailer

Star Citizen: Overview Trailer

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