Apple makes the Macbook Air faster and cheaper

Macbook Air

Apple has very quietly refreshed its Macbook Air notebook with a faster process and a £100 cheaper price tag.

If you're looking for a new Macbook Air then now is definitely the time to buy one. After numerous reports last week stating that the Air was in for an update, Apple has finally released a new model of the skinniest notebook on the market.

The newest model sports exactly the same design its predecessor and still comes in either 11 or 13-inches. It features Intel's latest Haswell processors; the Air now ships with a 1.4GHz dual-core i5 Haswell chip. This may seem like an unworthy upgrade over the old model that had a 1.3GHz chip, but the technology in the Haswell chip has extended the battery in the 13-inch model to an incredible 12 hours.

Haswell has also increased the performance of the turbo boost feature to 2.7GHz, so when you want to perform processor intensive task on the Air the turbo boost feature will kick in and speed things along. The graphics power has also received a boost, with the Intel HD Graphics 5000 becoming the standard card in the Air line-up. Although the latest Air shouldn't be mistaken for a gaming powerhouse it should be able to handle non-graphic intensive games.

The Air's Wi-Fi has also seen improvements with support for the new networking standard 802.11ac, which is said to improve Wi-Fi signal reliability and improve data transfer speeds.

At £100 cheaper too Apple lovers can't go wrong with this latest deal. The 11-inch Air starts at £749, and the 13-inch model starts £849.