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Watch dogs is a massive open world action-adventure, Technology is yours to manipulate, you can turn the very city into a weapon with one device.

After witnessing something he was not supposed to see, hacker Aiden Pearce is the victim of an assassination attempt and loses his Niece, Lena in the hit. Determined to seek revenge on those who killed her, Aiden puts his criminal past behind him, or he doesn't; that's in your hands to control. Regardless, revenge is a priority on his agenda.

Aiden is a very experienced hacker, and is soon in possession of a device that is capable of hacking into the Central Operating System (CtOS) which means that he has control over a lot of technology. Your experience will be reflected by your behavior and your reputation. You could for instance become a vigilante and protect innocent people, you could prevent  murder, you could prevent a theft and when you chase down your target you could wipe them out or subdue them for when the police get there. Or you can use people's personal information to hack into their bank accounts, manipulate traffic lights to cause car accidents. The technological environment is yours to take advantage of. NPCs act like realistic living and breathing people, not just scripted civilians, Aiden can use his device to gather personal information about these people. 

You are not the only hacker however, other players can effortlessly sync into your game and try to hack you or cause disruptions, and this is completely spontaneous; there is no predicting when this will happen. The new trailer shows how the online elements integrate with the singleplayer experience. It will explain just how these online elements are incorporated and will remind you why you need to stay alert. Not every hero or villain wears a flashy costume or a mask, some are hidden within plain sight.

Without further ado, let's take a look at some of the recent content.The game will launch on May 27th 2014, a month today. Let us know what you think. Are you hyped for this game?

Multiplayer Trailer:

The Story Trailer:

Exposed Cinematic Trailer: Are you going to be a villain or vigilante?

A public terror, or the city's silent guardian?

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