The Division: 3 Stunning New Screenshots, plus some older ones

Tom Clancy Division Screen 2

The division is a third person shooter/mmo published by Ubisoft.

After a devastating pandemic hits New York, services fall one by one as society collapses into chaos in a matter of days. The division is an elite military response and task force unit with the objective to save what remains left of civilized life and prevent the complete collapse of society, however they have forces working against them.

These agents not only have to combat the effects of the virus and the extremist survivors but also the rising threat of those who created and distributed the infection. The division is trained to operate independently of a command structure and the conspiracy lies in the hands of the division to piece together and stop once and for all in order to protect society from destruction.

Below you will find the 3 new screenshots which will be displayed first, in addition to some older ones. Any thoughts, be sure to share them with us. We will keep you updated.

Better keep our head down! (New Screen 1)The Division New Screen 1

Is this building abandoned? (New Screen 2)The Division New Screen 2

Best to stick together... (New Screen 3)
The Division New Screen 2

Looks like a shootout at the police station...
Police Station Shoot Out

Seems Lonely.
Tom Clancy Division Screen 5

That is a lot of dead bodies, not going to ask what happened here.Tom Clancy Division Screen 1

What an incredible sky colour...
Tom Clancy Division Screen 4

Is it Christmas season here?Tom Clancy Division Screen 3

The view from up here is lovely!
Tom Clancy Division Screen 9

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