Star Wars: Battlefront, back in HD on Next Gen! + Potential Release Date!

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront is official and back, running on Frostbite 3!

Yes that's right. One of the most anticipated video games, Star Wars Battlefront is back on Next Gen! The original Battlefront 3 was cancelled so this not as a sequel to the original games. Instead this is a reboot and re-launch of the entire franchise on a brand new engine, Frostbite 3... We could be seeing this game as early as 2015, but that's the very earliest so we have got a long way to go. 

Star Wars Battlefront will reflect "DICE's interpretation of what Battlefront should be" but it will incorporate elements from the original games. So we are not quite sure what to expect. Vehicles, Space combat, Jedi and Sith though, we can probably guarantee. If DICE choose to retain the elements that made the game so special then we are going to be getting a very awesome new game. Like most, we are not sure what this game will turn out like.

An official preview trailer was released at last years E3 conference. You will find it below. The trailer reveals a cinematic cut-scene in first person of a battle on the planet Hoth. Does this mean the game will be first person? DICE have announced that this reboot is  Below you will also find leaked gameplay footage of Star Wars Battlefront 3 while it was in alpha stage.

Star Wars Battlefront E3 Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront 3: Leaked Alpha Footage 

Star Wars Episode VII will be in theaters worldwide on December 18th 2015, The release date for this game could potentially share the same month since it is expected to be released near the time of the next Star Wars film. It could be earlier for all we know but if DICE is going to redefine this game successfully then they will need all the time they can get. December 2015 looks like a potential launch date. We will keep you updated...

Do you think DICE will pull this off? Share your thoughts with us.

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