Planetside 2: The Enormously Massive First Person Shooter. (Part One)

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Planetside 2 is by far one of the biggest first person action/shooter games you will ever play, it is free to play for PS4 and PC.

Planetside 2 is enormous and even that is an understatement. The battlefields are insanely large; the customization is expansive and the battles are huge and almost everlasting. The scale of this game is truly overwhelming...

The game doesn't have matches or maps; instead the game has continents which are completely open world and very, very big! In a continent, your faction will have territory which is what everybody is fighting for.

In your territory within a continent, you will have an HQ which will be your central hub in a battle. It is not isolated from the battleground so it can be attacked and overtaken but it is heavily defended. You will be able to change weapons and load-outs here, meet up with friends, form squads and prepare to venture into the battlegrounds, there is rarely combat here...Its like a massive game of conquest, but once you take control of an area, that becomes a base and your faction will receive resources from defending it which can be used to purchase new equipment.

Defending these bases will be a priority and you will not be alone. As the game is an MMO, a server can contain up to 2000 players! There is no score or time limit, because there is no matches, just battles which you could spend days, weeks, months fighting in. A battle will only ever end when one faction gains complete control over a continent, and  that's only temporary, other factions can re-attempt to take the continent back any time they see fit.

There are 3 factions in the game to chose from so its a big three way battle for domination. Each have very different aims and very different technology at their disposal and all of their leaders are complete nutcases...

Terran Republic:
Dictated by an authoritarian government, the Terran Republic use military to maintain strict control and order over the colonial citizens under their dominion.
They are obsessed the the preservation of law and order to the extend in which they use violence to achieve and maintain it. Many see these fanatics as a threat but some believe that the TR are the only hope of maintaining security on the planet Auraxis. Flying the colours of red and black on their flags and symbols, the Terran Republic use the power of bullets and explosives in their technologies, miniguns, rapid fire weapons and high speed, medium tanks and aircraft.


New Conglomerate:
Fighting for freedom and liberation, the NC are vehemently opposed to the reign of the Terran Republic and are directed by outcasts, business titans and pirates.
They are well known for their powerful gauss weaponry which can inflict devastating damage, durable soldiers and powerful tanks and aircraft. This faction is identified wearing the colours blue and gold and will stop at nothing to release Auraxis from the oppression of the Terran Republic.

Vanu Sovereignty:
Employing the power of ancient alien technology into the battlefield potentially renders these guys the most technologically advanced faction out of the three.
The VS believe that the human race can enter its next stage of technological evolution using the power of alien technology. The VS see the TR as a threat to the evolution of the human race and will stop at nothing to annihilate the TR from existence alongside anyone who stands in their way, that also being the NC.

They wear the colours of Purple and Cyan and have one primary objective. This is uncovering the secrets of ancient technology; they are pretty much Planetside 2's very own Brotherhood of Steel. They are known to use advanced laser and plasma energy weapons which have no bullet drop, little recoil and very high accuracy. Hover tanks and highly maneuverable aircraft are favored by this faction. 

The game is currently available on PC which can be downloaded for free. The free to play title is expected to be released on the PS4 around summer this year.

We are very excited, if you are also looking forward to the PS4 release Let us know what you think? If you play Planetside 2 on PC, what content would you like to see in the future?

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