Facebook moves in on Snapchat

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The latest Facebook Messenger update now lets users share photos and videos instantly.

Snapchat has shown that people love socialising and interacting by sending photos and videos to their friends. Communicating via visual media has boomed since the Snapchat evolution and now Facebook want some of the action too.

The social networking giant has just released Facebook Messenger 5.0 for iOS devices. The latest update includes video sharing, which is a brand new feature in the app; users can record and send videos from right within the application.

Also friends will be able to share 'selfies' faster than ever with the new instant photo sharing feature. Users will have a toolbar of options above the keyboard, one of which is a camera icon. Pressing it will change the keyboard to the front facing camera, then pressing send will immediately snap whatever the camera is facing and send it to the recipient in the conversation.

Other new features include shortcuts to stickers, which will allow you to download a friend's sticker pack just by pressing and holding on the sticker that they send you. They have also added a search bar at the top of the conversation list so it's easier to find people and groups that you've been conversing with.

This latest update comes only weeks after Facebook announced it's ditching the built-in chat feature on their main app, and instead will redirect users to the messenger app whenever they want to catch-up with friends. The switch is said to be currently taking place.