Evolution promise DriveClub release date and full game details soon

Driveclub cover

PS4’s exclusive next gen racer will get a release date announcement “within the weeks to come.”

Following delays, reports of Evolution going back to the drawing board and a number of redundancies at the studio, the UK based devs have taken to facebook to break the silence over DriveClub.

Stating that they’re “Immensely proud of how the game is developing” Evolution have promised full details and a set release date will be on the way, “within the weeks to come.” With E3 looming in June it’s likely we may be getting some solid news on DriveClub by then.

In January Sony hinted that DriveClub was close to a confirmed release date but came back to say the project was going to be delayed as they, “didn’t want to release a game before it's ready.”

Since then it hit the news that jobs were lost at Evolution as Sony restructured. Following this DriveClub director Col Rodgers quit Sony although this was reportedly not due to the studio lay-offs.

Amazon US has listed DriveClub pre-orders with a september release although Sony have not yet commented either way.

Below is a DriveClub gameplay trailer giving some clues as to why this game is getting so much interest as a silky-smooth premium race for Sony’s new war-horse of a console.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the exodus of devs from Evolution signals that DriveClub was nearly ready or do you think this will have a negative impact on the final game?

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