DC Universe Online DLC 10: Amazon Fury Part 1 Details


Amazon Fury is the 10th DLC for DC Universe Online, lets take a look at just whats inside.

The Plot
Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta is infuriated with Brainiac's attack on Paradise Island. She has been planning a counter-strike in secrecy, but there is just one problem. She holds the mortal world responsible and has taken it upon herself to destroy the peace treaty with mankind. Wonder Woman is not impressed and the goddess Circe has joined forces with Queen Hippolyta. The Amazon civilization is fractured and a civil war has erupted. Gotham City is under attack.

No new powers? No new weapons? What will we get?
Yes it is true that no new powers or weapons have been included in this update, however, the developers have made some pretty heavy changes to the combat system. This new system "Weapon Mastery" will deepen and expand the way you use combos and powers, you can also combine two weapons into the same combo! You certainly won't be using weapons and powers the same way.

Gotham Warzone
Wonder Woman's mother, Queen Hippolyte has constructed a massive enchanted barrier in order to contain Brainiac's forces before the attack. He didn't see that one coming. Invisible Themysciran battleships are patrolling the skies and unloading Amazonian soldiers to attack Gotham, mythical creatures pour into the streets. An amazonian rebellion stands ready at the command of wonder woman to defend Gotham from this invasion. 

Tier 6 Gear
Thought you were maxed out? Think again. Now is your opportunity to become even more powerful. Loot drops from the DLC will be completely unattuned so if you no more loot drops allocated to a different role. This is however only for DLC 10 items, all loot drops from previous DLCs will remain random and role allocated so if you get pointless loot, you're gonna have to stick with it. Which is a shame. 
The developers may want to consider revisiting the loot system overall and improving it. Its a good sign for future content however. There are also some new style sets to pick up.

New Missions
A new alert, 2 new duos, and 2 new challenges which you will play as Wonder Woman and Circe and re-live the build up to the amazonian civil war and of course Gotham Warzone.

As for the launch date of this DLC, we too are unsure. May seems viable and it would be safe to assume that we will be seeing the DLC some time next month.

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Let us know what you think about the new DLC and the All Access Plan.

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