Video: Mad Max trailer reveals 2015 release date

Mad Max Cover

Another big title expected to be out this year is being set back but you can get a quick look at some car war in the meantime.

Earlier we heard rumours Arkham Knight is being held back, now a recent trailer for Avalanche’s upcoming Mad Max game is giving a release in 2015. This contradicts earlier announcements from publishers Warner Brothers that Mad Max was going to hit the consoles this year.

The trailer is giving a tease of some of the steampunk-fueld open world car battling action, a feature to the game with a few new trricks to try such as simultanious driving and shooting.

"In the Wasteland, vehicles are more than a machine. They're a way to live, a way to fight, a way to survive." reads the pitch on the trailer, Keeping your battle-tuned muscle car ticking over and maintaining your petrol supply in a post apocalyptic desert world are driving forces to the gameplay, although there will be other action elements to the game.

Mad Max generated previous reaction after Avalanche used an American voice actor for Max leading them to confirm Max would have an Australian accent in the finished game, although Donal Gibson, Mel Gibson’s brother will not be doing the honours.

When Mad Max comes out it be will available for PC, PS3 PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Check out the trailer and pitch in with your comments below. Does this set-back cause an annoyance or are you happy to wait for Avalanche to get Mad Max right?


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