Indie games roundup (April 27th) Humble Bundle Special

The Eldrich Cases: Dagon

Indie games news from the last week including a bumper pack of bargain indie hits on the Humble Store.

We have to share the love for the benevolent good work done by the Humble team. Giving out bargain flash sales to gamers and raising charitable funds in the process, Humble Bundle sales have so far raised $37m for worthy causes. Up until May 1st you’ll be able to grab a veritable trove of great little titles on the Humble Store, brought to you this week by The Speed Gamers.

Pay what you want for: Thomas Was Alone, Puzzle Bots, Dustforce, VVVVVV and Cave Story+. Stretch to $6 or more to also get: Reus, Limbo, Cthulhu Saves the World, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, Lone Survivor and Element4l.

Part with $10 or more and you’ll get the above games and Teslagrad all DRM-free on Steam.

Dig deeper to get some real life trinkets to level-up your fangamer stats. $40 will get you all the 12 games on offer plus an exclusive TSG/Fangamer Humble Sale T Shirt and keychain. $100 will get you the Mega Fangamer swag bag. Head over here to get some cheap games and give something back to the world. You can choose to give your money to the developers and/or Direct Relief, a charity working worldwide to bring medical help to people affected by poverty, war and natural disasters.

Humble Bundle Goodies


That’s our good duty for the day, here’s some other indie bits and bobs.

Kick Ass 2

Movie games, they just keep on coming and here’s one from Freedom Factory Studios for Kick Ass 2 due for PC and consoles in May. Recently we saw an excavation team dig up buried E.T. cartridges, solemnly reminding us that even the very worst Movie tie-in games can muster intriuge with time. Thirty years from now we won’t of course be digging up copies of Kick Ass 2 from the desert. Considering Kick Ass 2 wasn’t all that bad as sequels go, we expect the Kick Ass 2 game to fare better than the ill-fated Atari 2600 E.T. game. See Kick Ass flailing about on bad guys below.


Hover: Revolt of Gamers

We bigged up Hover, saw it go to Kickstarter this week and then saw it reach the starter goal within three days. Fusty games are now pushing stretch goals to include focusing on work with Hideki Naganuma (Jet Set Radio composer) and a Wii U version. At the risk of sounding like a total geek VR fanboy, Hover’s been keen to have Oculus support from the start and just to prove this isn’t all hot-air here’s a picture.

Hover Oculus Sneak


The Eldrich Cases: Dagon

Into your Lovecraftian games? Check out The Eldrich Cases: Dagon Kickstarter, a horror point and click for PC, Mac and Linux with more than just a surface admiration of Lovecraft and horror fiction. Jan Kavan’s penned some stand-out music for this game which works well behind the foggy foregrounds and greying tones of the world aesthetic. Pledge high for a chance to become an NPC. Here’s the kickstarter video.



Anyone that played Tower of the Sorcerer will instantly recognise its influence in DungeonUp, a stats management puzzler wrapped in a dungeon crawl You can go and play the alpha game in your browser here. Developer Nicolas Tian is putting procedural level generation into DungeonUp putting a modern twist on TotS.  There’s currently 30 levels to play through with 50 planned for the beta and some new features to come including a map editor and the ability to share mods to show-off your own level design ideas.



There’s more indie games news and previews to come soon.In the meantime indie games fans you should go and check the Humble Sale there’s a glut of really good games going cheap as chips.


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