Hohokum: A relaxing open-world adventure

Hohokum E3

Hohokum is an open world adventure game. It will be arriving this year, exclusive to PlayStation platforms.

The colourful universe of Hohokum is a visual and audial phenomena. The game consists of "relaxing in space and enjoying the music" and it accomplishes this goal with its incredible artistic style, soundtrack; which the game manipulates and interacts with... Its a moving painting on a canvas, with music. 

Your character is a serpent like creature called the "long mover" and you will be able to control the direction and speed of this character and the serpent will change colour upon changing direction; the PS4 will utilize its touch-pad and the light will reflect the colour of the serpent.

There are multiple worlds which have their own characters, primary objectives and additional activities for you to participate in even though the game is non-linear. All of these worlds are available at the beginning of the game. Exploration is going to play a big role since you are thrown into open world playgrounds with many secrets to reveal. 

Its a difficult thing to describe, art is always very ambiguous, especially when it starts out as something so abstract and retains some of its original elements... Below are two trailers which might help put things into perspective.

Hohokum: Fun Fair Trailer

Hohokum: Official E3 Trailer

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