Sega Megadrive: 10 great games you have to play (part two)

Sega Megadrive

Here it is, the final part of what we think are ten games that are truly worthy of your time and attention. Enjoy!

Welcome back to the final part of the ten games we think you try or add to your collection of retro classics. Here's the final five that made Sega's Megadrive (or Genesis stateside) such a great machine to play on and these games are some of the best to play. Prepare to get nostalgic and of course, let us know your thoughts on this list. 

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

SEEEEEEEGAAAAAAA!!! What better game to start part two with then with Sega's iconic mascot greatest outing on the Megadrive! Released a year after the original in 1992 on what was called Sonic 2’s Day this game was an instant hit with gamers all over the world and rightly so, everything about this game is great from the way it looked and sounded and great levels and brilliant bosses. It’s fast frantic and is a so much fun to play even though it’s nearly 22 years old!

Quackshot Starring Donald Duck

Go on, say it, you thought Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion would be in the list and whilst it is a great game in its own right, Quackshot just has more to it and that’s why its on the list. As you know this console era was home to many platform games and one that might not get on many lists is Quackshot starring Donald Duck. Disney games on the Megadrive were (at the time) highly polished gems and had great level design, fantastic graphics and in most titles great gameplay which made them fly off the shelves of games shops. Quackshot is definitely worthy of being on this list and whilst it’s fairly easy to begin with it gets very tough (but fair) later on. It has surprising depth and you’ll need to think in places to get ahead in the game which is something you wouldn’t expect from a ‘Kids’ game.

Desert Strike

This Gulf War themed tactical shoot em up pretty much created its own genre with its unique isometric viewpoint and was regarded as a thinking man’s shoot em up. It also helps that you can pretty much blow a hole in anything on each level. This spawned a whole franchise for EA that sadly ended late in the original Playstation’s life. The game today is just as much fun as it was before and shooting SCUDS down when they are just launching is still just as intense today as it was then.

Zero Wing

Have you ever seen the meme 'All your base are belong to us' before? Well this is the game its based on and whilst that is a great example of what happens when things get lost in translation the game itself is great fun as you control your ship and defeat the evil CATS empire. Great music, addictive and intense 'one more go' gameplay and a great sountrack compliment the game and is worth giving a go if you can get it. For Great justice!!!

Micro Machines

One of the most addictive, fun and just plain bonkers driving games for the Megadrive. This awesome miniature racing game pitted you against opponents who you could knock off table tops or nudge in to breakfast cereal. The tracks were great and included pool tables, school desks, breakfast tables, bathtubs and in the garden with a wide variety of vehicles for the various courses there was a huge amount of variety that stills stands out today.


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