Royce Gracie joins EA Sports UFC 2014 fighting roster

EA UFC 14 Royce Gracie cover

Step into the Octagon as the legendary Royce Gracie, the first ever UFC champion.

Earlier we heard that Bruce Lee will be making an appearance in EA Sports UFC 14. Now, to extend the appeal to hardcore UFC fans, EA have announced that Royce Graice will be joining the cast of super-realised fighters for the upcoming UFC 2014.

Achieving fame as the winner of the first 4 UFC tournaments, Gracie is held as a massively influential figure in the MMA world. The Brazilian Ju Jitsu master is well known for his up-close grappling and floor-work, effective in taking down much larger and more offensive opponents.


EA UFC 2014 Royce Gracie Screen


If Bruce Lee is all about high kicks and Kung Fu punches Gracie is all about strength, counter-balance and solid submission-hold techniques, proof that in real world fights flailing punches and kicks will never be as effective as rendering your opponent incapable and forcing them to tap out with a choke-hold.

Royce Gracie can be unlocked for the welterweight division by playing through UFC on pro difficulty or higher. Alternatively pre-order via GAME to get day one access to the UFC legend.

EA Sports UFC 2014 is coming to Xbox One And PS4 on 17th June and is shaping up to be an 8th gen fight title with some very shiny features. Please use the comments below to share you thoughts if you're waiting with anticipation for the next UFC game.

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