An Adventure with Lara Croft, Tomb Raider III (Part 2)


A preview of Lara's exhilarating journey across the globe in the 1998 classic Tomb Raider III.

Part one introduced you to Tomb Raider 3 and why its such a great game. In our final part on the game we look at the levels and why they are so good.


Lara begins her adventure in a perilous Indian jungle containing the the ruins of an Ancient Indian temple, sinking mud, booby traps and lots of monkeys, tigers and piranhas. The typical Tomb Raider scenario and nothing Lara can't manage.

Lara is here looking for an artifact known as the Infada stone. Shortly after finding her way through the ruins, Lara encounters an insane RX scientist whom she parts ways with. After the RX scientist, finds the Infada stone, beating Lara to its location, the scientist uses the Infada stone to obtain supernatural powers. After making short work of the insane scientist, Lara is introduced to Dr. Willard who explains the origins of the stone and describes how a civilization known as the Polynesians discovered meteorite crate and used the rock to form crystalline artifacts; The other parts of the meteorite have been scattered around the globe after Charles Darwin's expedition to Antarctica. A diary recovered from one of the deceased sailors reveals the location of these remaining artifacts and Lara agrees to help Dr. Willard find them.



Lara searches for an artifact called the Eye of Isis, which is in the possession of Sophia Leigh the CEO of a cosmetics corporation. Lara soon learns that Sophia has been abusing the power of the artifact and the corporation have been performing inhumane experiments on some of the captives in order to achieve immortality and eternal youth for her own personal gain and exploits.

The survivors of the experiment, which was a failure, were dumped in the London sewers and have been presumed dead by the corporation. These deformed subject survivors assist Lara in exchange for some embalming fluid she has to obtain from the Natural History Museum. Mercenaries under the employment of the corporation are sent to kill Lara by Sophia, however, little do they know that Lara is going to give them a good whooping.

Lara then climbs through a ventilation shaft into Sophia's office where they finally meet face to face. Lara explains that the subjects are still living and demands Sophia to hand over the artifact. Upon refusal to do so, Sophia runs out onto the balcony and jumps over to a building opposite the office. Sophia attempts to kill Lara using the Eye of Isis, however, Lara defeats her by shooting a fuse box and electrocuting her, recovering the artifact.

London TRIII



After a disastrous attempt to break into Area 51 to retrieve an artifact called Element 115 which is contained within an alien spacecraft and protected by the American Government, Lara is taken captive and held in a nearby military base as a prisoner for trespassing. Lara however, is determined to get back on track and breaks out, rescuing several other captive prisoners and sets off in a truck back to Area 51 for a second try. Lara must fight her way through the American military forces in order to recover this artifact.



South Pacific Islands

After setting out to find an island in the south pacific ocean, Lara is tasked with fighting not only cannibals, but also dinosaurs which have survived the extinction including Velociraptors and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Lara stumbles upon an injured soldier who explains to her that there is a deity (Puna) who lives up in the hills. Lara then pursues this deity to recover the next artifact, the Ora Dagger. Lara is tasked with infiltrating Puna's temple and killing the deity. Lara also learns that the tribe-leader's son was born face-less due to prolonged exposure to either the radiation or the mystical powers of the meteorite. This explains why the inhabitants of Antarctica fled.

Tomb Raider 3 South Pacific Islands



The plot settles in the icy wastes Antarctica which is where Lara confronts Dr. Willard with the artifacts. However, Willard has no intention of halting the mutations and instead reveals that he wants to encourage them on a global scale using the powers of the artifacts and the meteorite in an attempt to "evolve" the human race, or in this case devolve them. (We wouldn't be too surprised if we bumped into Gorilla Grod, but that's a different universe) Lara of course, opposes Willard who then betrays her and steals the artifacts, running away into the excavation site.

Lara battles her way through mutated creatures and insects in order to navigate her way through the dangerous ruins of the city built atop the meteorite. Upon reaching Dr. Willard, She witnesses him use the power of the combined artifacts to evolve into some sort of spider-like alien creature. Lara has to destroy Willard and remove the artifacts from the city, the fate of the world lies in Lara's hands.

We get a juicy reminder of why we don't want to get on Lara Croft's bad side.

Atr3antarctica26As a whole, Tomb Raider III is a classic and if you are a fan of the Tomb Raider franchise and haven't played the original games, you don't want to give the classics a miss. The game is available now on PC and digitally on PS3.


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