Watch Dogs Multiplayer modes: Deathmatch, Decryption, Tablet v Console

Watch Dogs Screen 1

The latest previews from Ubisoft are showing off the competitive multiplayer modes coming to the hotly anticipated Watch Dogs hack-fest.

In addition to allowing for friends to jump into your single-player game and initiate a hack hunt, Watch Dogs will have some more traditional looking multiplayer features and an interesting little mini-game played via tablet to console link up.

Team Deathmatch is to be featured for up to eight players along with a PvP Online Decryption mode which will have two teams competing to track down a data file. The super-hi-tech hacking skills available in the single player will be carried over to the multiplayer matches. Players will be able manipulate the cityscape environment to fence in opponents and mess with their game in other ways such as remotely defusing grenades.

Matches will take place on zoned-off areas of the single player map but Ubisoft are also confirming that a Free Roam mode will be implemented

On top of all this and with a knowing nod to cross-platform functionality, Watch Dogs is also going to feature a tablet v’s console mode where a tablet wielding player controlling a helicopter has to keep the console opponent in view. The console player has to complete a race course while the tablet gamer, by keeping an eye on their opponent, gains points to spend on world hacks to slow them up.

More detail on the upcoming multiplayer modes is covered in the video below. The inclusion of the tablet add-on specifically is giving Watch Dogs added dimensions to it’s multiplayer content that is promising continual gameplay once gamers have played-through the single player.

Watch Dogs is almost with us, it’s due on May 27th. Is this a title you’re getting ready for? If so what are your thoughts on the multiplayer features?

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