Telltale Games introduces Game of Thrones

Game Of Thrones

Yes that's right, a telltale spin-off of the legendary T.V series Game of Thrones has been confirmed by Telltale Games.

In Westeros, war has erupted in the south, the richest family in Westeros, House Lannister have conspired to murder the king and replace the throne with one of their own. A new king, Joffrey Lannister is seated on the iron throne and is not the rightful heir. But who is? The throne had been usurped from its rightful lineage by a rebellion and there are many rightful heirs to the throne. The war for the iron throne of the seven kingdoms wages.

Cold winds are rising in the north foreshadowing the coming of a winter which will last decades and mystical undead beings on the other side of an enormous wall will invade the realm of Westeros. The knights watch, almost exempt from the laws and customs of the south protect the realm from the threats beyond the wall. In the Eastern continent of Essos, the corrupt free cities prevail as Daenerys Targaryen; the last surviving rightful heir to the iron throne, the mother of dragons and Khaleesi of a military tribe known as the Dothraki, restores liberation to the free cities. 

"There's so much going on and it's so rich. Every decision that King Joffrey makes impacts so many people. Any microcosm in that world [looking at how] people are affected by the decisions that are made plays out across the whole thing." CEO Dan Connors explains. So is seems like the gameplay will be similar to that of The Walking Dead, so better prepare yourself for some tough decisions as they will be affecting your entire experience.

Telltale Games have been very successful with "The Walking Dead" and "The Wolf Among Us". The story will be concurrent with the T.V series, it is not a prequel or epilogue. So if you are up-to-date, you will be more than familiar with the characters. If you haven't seen the series, now is a good time to start. 

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