Let's Pretend We Live in Montreal

Four Bedroom Loft

Or: as a study of vacation rentals with exposed brick walls, 12-foot ceilings, or both.

This is the dream single-girl-pad I never owned. I suppose I could spend time there with a boyfriend, too (provided we were in a long-distance relationship). Exposed brick, exposed wood beams, and a stone wall, near Old Town.

Single Girl Pad


Alternatively, I could live in this elegantly rustic one-bedroom apartment in this ridiculously beautiful, quaint building with my fiancé.

Fiance Pad


Loving that the martini glasses are already out in this two-bedroom, which has 163 positive reviews. Like, glowingly positive. It's located on Montreal's 'most popular street' (St-Catherine), and one-minute from Berry-UQaM. (We don't really know what that means.)

Martini Glass Pad


Hmmm, three-bedroom corner loft with industrial minimalism?

Industrial Loft


Or grown-up elegance on three floors with starkly (and awesomely) contrasting bathrooms?

Grown Up Pad


No question here. I'll take this sleek four-bedroom loft in the Golden Square Mile and have a house party. But a responsible one. After all, someone is watching me...

Four Bedroom Loft