SoulCalibur: Lost Swords out now for free on PS3

Soulcalibur lost swords cover

Welcome to the stage of history again and this time it’s just you, although Taki is back

Namco Bandai have brought the latest installment in the SoulCalibur saga out for free download on PSN. SoulCalibur: Lost Swords is a ‘free to try’ game with additional purchases available in game.

Centred on single player questing, SCLS puts you in a series of battles which if completed grant you items to customize your character’s look and fighting stats and give you further character unlocks. Pull off Soul Break moves to break your opponent’s armour and get better equipment rewards and kit yourself out to make you tough enough to take on later quests.

Once you’ve specked out your perfect character you can upload it for other players to download as an ally to aid in fights. Helping other gamers in this way grants you Friend Points to spend on extra bonuses.

SCLS will be bringing back some fan-favourite characters conspicuously absent from SoulCalibur V. Sophitia, the ancient Greek shield and shortsword babe is back as a selectable character at start-up and Taki the tricksy demon slayer can be unlocked through questing.

In addition, the current release offers Mitsurugi, Siegfried and Ivy the devastating ‘snake sword’ maiden and daughter of overpowered pirate bad guy Cervantes. Namco are promising more playable characters will be on the way as the time goes on.

The quest for the swords continues! Check out the trailer below for a taster.


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