Nike FuelBand tech to live on in Apple iBand

Apple's mystical iWatch could take the shape of a smartband with Nike bringing FuelBand software to the project.

The possibility of an Apple smartband surfaced on Geektime where sources within Cupertino (the HQ of Apple inc) have let on, “that the much anticipated Apple smart watch is not so much a watch as it is a smartband," adding that, “Apple is looking to launch a smart band towards the end of this year whose collection of sensors will be able to be used not only to monitor the activity of the wearer, but also to operate other devices as a gestural controller.”

The report goes on to mention Nike's involvement in the affair saying they will  “play a significant part in shaping the next Apple product.”

Since hearing last week that Nike abandoned FuelBand laying off a large number of the development team, rumours have arisen that Nike have been pushing their FuelBand tech onto other wearables. This plays nicely into the theory that Apple and Nike will be buddying-up to bring an all-in-one fitness monitor/wearable control device.

What initially came across as failure on Nike's part may well end up seeing them shape the next must-have Apple gadget. Indeed for a perceived market on the up it came across a little suspicious that Nike would want to pull out so early. Joining up with the competition makes a lot of sense in light of these latest rumours.

Meanwhile Samsung have reportedly completely sold out of their Gear Fit smartband within 10 days of it going on sale.