Cel Damage HD, Ferocious new screenshots!

Cel Damage HD

Cel Damage HD is your typical vehicular slaughter game with a Cel-shaded twist and is now remastered. It is exclusive to Sony formats and available now.

Disclaimer: This game is not for pacifists, this game may also contain phenomenally unrealistic regenerative abilities. Do not try any of the in game actions at home, if you have an arena located inside of it.

This nutty cartoon game will leave you so glued to your chair, you will most likely leave imprints on them when you try to stand up. But in all seriousness, its violently addictive. Murder has always been quite a popular form of entertainment in the virtual world, are we really that psychopathic and sadistic? Who knows? Its kill or be killed on wheels and it is certainly entertaining.

Without further ado, below are some screenshots:

Cel Damage HDA Hovercraft, nice! Its even got a mounted sword...

Cel Damage HD

This cant be good, looks like an explosive arrow!

Cel Damage HD Splitscreen

Some classic, 4 player split screen action!

Of course there is always the possibility that you are reading this and have absolutely no idea what Cel Damage is. If that's you, be sure to check out the companion article here ... 2001 Classic Cel Damage HD.

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