The Order 1886: Latest screenshots


The Order 1886 is an action/shooter set in a historically alternate variation of 1880's London and its looking good. Check out the latest screenshots.

The Order 1886 is a Single-Player, Third Person Shooter set in a historically alternate version of London. It will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 sometime this year, it is available for pre-order now.

Here's a bit more information on the plot:

The industry is the centre of technological advancement which is key to humanity's survival against the bestial hybrids they have been fighting for centuries, it is the turning point for a long war which the humans have been losing even despite their numbers. The Order is simultaneously engaged in a two-way conflict between an uprising of the lower societal classes and their ancient enemy, the "half-breeds". The City of London is left vulnerable in the midst of this conflict.

Below are some screenshots for this upcoming and exclusive Playstation 4 title.

The Lovely City of London

Ps4 Game 6948 Mid Img10

He must be serious with a moustache like that!

Order 1886

What a fancy gun!

Order 1886

London City again, Is that a zeppelin?

Ps4 Game 6948 Mid Img6

I think he has seen

Ps4 Game 6948 Mid Img5

Lets just hope they don't set the carriage on fire!

Ps4 Game 6948 Mid Img3

Must be one of Lara Croft's ancestors

Ps4 Game 6948 Mid Img7

These guys are probably armed to the teeth (quite literally), better not get on their bad side.

Ps4 Game 6948 Mid Img2

Wonder where these guys are going...

Ps4 Game 6948 Mid Img11

Let Us Know what you think, will you be adding this game to your collection or will you be giving it a miss?




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