Rise of Incarnates: New PC brawler from Namco Bandai announced

Rise Of Incarnates

The creators of SoulCalibur and Tekken are moving into the free-to-play PC games space with a two on two 3D arena fighting game

Just announced, Rise of Incarnates is set for release in the US later this year with alpha sign-ups available via the official webpage. Take the role of an Incarnate, a human bestowed with some gratifyingly OTT powers in a Highlander-esque battle for dominance. Your motivation? An unknown voice tells you to destroy the 'Sovereign of this era' to avoid your own destruction.

Pitching you in two on two battles amid familiar cityscapes with expansive headroom for chain air combos there’s a large sense of scale to the battle arenas. There are currently four players to play with which are looking a bit Tekken-ish in parts. There’s said to be more characters to play at launch that will all be able to fit into favoured player roles and playstyles.

Namco Bandai are saying the devs for Rise of Incarnates have previously worked on SoulCalibur, Tekken and Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. For those that don’t know Gundam this is a very popular Japanese mech-suit arcade fighter (also out on in Japan for ps3) that’s become a tournament favourite. It seems a shrewd move for Namco to try and widen their audience for this kind of game to include western PC gamers.

While you can argue Rise of Incarnates is nothing new and comes across a bit generic it is a new Intellectual Property fighter that currently looks like a PC exclusive. It’s free-to-play although it’s not clear if that also means play-to-win and it offers some promising arena/tournament MMO battles with arcade fighter game mechanics.

Here’s the announcement trailer


PC gamers, what are your thoughts on Rise of Incarnates? Is this a title that grabs your interest? Would you prefer to see a PC SoulCalibur/Tekken? Do you think this game warrants being PC only? Let us know your feelings in the comments below.

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